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XF 1.4 Age / DoB bug


Well-known member
First time ever a member has mentioned a bug in their age on the profile.
His birth year is '58 and when you check the profile is says
2015 (Age: 56)
This is very odd.. I have check the db and his year is correct there too.
never seen this and it must be a glitch of sorts.

I am using show year of birth add-on by @Liam W but don't know if that would trigger anything..
Best bit, I change it to say for example, 1992 and it displays then - Birthday 1992 (Age: 23)
Any help would be appreciated with this one :D


Well-known member
It can't hurt to disable that add-on, though, and see if the issue disappears.

If it doesn't, disable all add-ons.

If it still doesn't, test on a default style with all add-ons still disabled.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
XF doesn't display the date of birth or age in that exact format so I would suspect an add-on could be at play here. Does it display correctly if the add-on is disabled?


Well-known member
Just tried, same issue with that add-on disabled.
Most odd. And I confirm it on another account of mine, I set it to 58 and same thing happens. How weird. o_O