Fixed After pressing more options the added tags disappear

Affected version
v2.1.10 Patch 2


So i start creating a thread in the section just above the forum itself. So not pressing the Post Thread button.
I type in some content and i add in some tags. I select a prefix. Then i press on the more option button.

When in the new screen i notice that all the tags are gone. Is this a bug or not?



I hope so because, whether you know it ore not, this is a problem for more then just the tags missing.
Because when you use custom tread fields, say 5, then when you want to ad tags from your thread title you have to scroll up and down (when you press the post thread button). Because tags are under the custom thread fields. This is a hussle. That's why this fast menu too add a new thread is NICE. I would suggest the tag field to always be on top of the custom fields but hey... That's just me thinking efficient. Thank you Chris :)