XF 1.5 After last Update no User Upgrade possible and no Prefix in Resource

I had the last updates installed shortly after appearing and now have 2 problems. For the first, no user upgrades can be made and the resource addon no prefixes are shown more :(

I have now transferred all files to the server new and restarted the update.
Disabled the entire cache and all plugins.
Standard style activated.

If I use the direct link to the user upgrades, then I see the offers, but PayPal sends an error. About the profile, I get the opportunity for user update is no longer shown.

I also tried everything in the resource addon. Only sorting still works.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It isn't totally clear the specifics of the issue you're experiencing, but your description of them doesn't immediately suggest that they would be directly related to the XF upgrade. They're not issues we're familiar with and not something that has been reported elsewhere.

That said, with a bit more info maybe we can establish a cause. For example, what is the error that PayPal gives?

Where are prefixes not shown? What do you mean by "only sorting still works"?

If you can be specific about the issues, perhaps with screenshots or examples of what is not working that will help.