Affiliate Program?

Aaron Nimocks

New member
Just curious if you were going to offer an affiliate program when the software is launched. Going to use coupon codes or anything like that?


XenForo developer
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No decisions taken on that sort of stuff really. Though I wouldn't expect to see them initially.

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Give the developers some space guys, the forum isn't finished yet. The price isn't known yet. The Release date isn't known yet.

Why are you asking for an Affiliate Program? :p
... its as important as SEO for some forums ... it can be argued that its even more important :)


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Jeez, guys, let them at least get to a "beta" stage and some idea of pricing before worrying about affiliate programs. (But if/when one is announced, I will be signing up.)
Completely off topic, but must you always write in bold?
God always speaks in a booming voice. ;)