Advice on what to do with my photos


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Now that version 1.1 will be soon available to download and that version 1.1 passes all the prerequisites for me to upgrade from vb3.8 to xenForo (Finally!), I’m ready to buy and install it on the live website.

But... there’s always a but....

Here's the issue: I also have PhotoPost vBGallery v2.5 with, around, 2000 photos... and counting.

I don't want to upgrade to vBGallery for xenForo coz I’m tired depending on integrated software: every time I feel like upgrading, I have to wait for that other software to upgrade too... no more! This time around, i'm going with a standalone solution for my official photos...

So, what are my options?

I was thinking exporting all to a standalone software like Coppermine or something similar to Coppermine, but, could i use xenForo login system for people to upload photos from Coppermine?

Can i keep vb alive with only vBGallery ?

I feel like I’m stuck... anyone having a similar issue? What was your solution?