Advertising Manager?

Big Dan

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Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on or not but if not please move it. Has there been any head way made in way of an advertising manager for XF? There was one guy that was taking suggestions but it looks like that never came to fruition. Another guy has an Ad manager but it's still in Beta and hasn't been updated in 6 months:

I don't need much just banner and text ad (javascript) rotation, the ability to exclude usergroups from seeing certain ads. I do realize I can code it by hand in the ad templates but I want to all be handled automatically - this way I don't have to edit each style or worry about upgrades.

Is there anything out there that fits the bill?


Mike Edge

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I use Ad Manager and it works great. It allows text and banners and many excludes or only include to many options including usergroups, gender, post count etc.