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******* - Advanced Noindex - This addon makes it amazingly easy to only display your best content to search engines.

This addon makes easy way to only display your best content to search engines by adding meta index tag automatically, so if a thread meets one of the criteria set, the noindex tag will be removed without any intervention. All options can be dependent upon one another for some really specific noindexing.

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I'm not sure what's happening with this add-on, but it's placement of no-index tags is completely random and seems to ignore configuration settings. When you are dealing with something as complex and serious as no-indexing threads, it needs to follow the configuration settings to a tee. Incorrect settings can be extremely damaging to a site. After two bug fix releases, this is still not a product that I can deploy. I'm hoping @******* can sort out the issues.
Very nice addon. Just purchased and seems to work perfect. Now i hope to recover from panda update because of thin content.

Would be nice to have:
  • Remove noindex URL´s from sitemap.
  • Set noindex follow to Pagination Pages of subforums: domain/forum/subforum/page-2 and so on, to only index first site, but to follow the links to the threads.
  • Set noiex to all member pages
I really like to see what happens in the next weeks and months. Actually we have 83.000 Sites in index, and i think my setting would remove about 30.000 - 40.000 of them, and they are all not the beste conten, so the quality of my site in google´s eyes would be better.
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I think you have a big problem with this addon.
As you know XenForo used on all sides canonical tags.
John Mueller from Google said you should not combine the noindex with a rel-canonical.

So your addon must delete the canonical tag on every page that it set an noindex tag. Can you make an Update?
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