Lack of interest Advanced inline editor.


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Something I have played with in Magento. I like it a lot. Notice in screenshot 1 where the otems have the red boxes highlighting them? Click on the little book icon next to the relevent box and it opens up an editor like in screenshot 2.

Possibly something that could be included here.

Basically in the admin you can enable inline editing. When this is enabled the frontend changes to basically a massive WYSIWYG editor for phrases and texts. Now why stop there, why not make it a bit more in depth to allow changing almost anything, colors, forum orders, fonts ect.

I have even seen one peice of software where you could pick up and manipulate table locations and sizes with it.

I understand this would be a massive undertaking, but it would taking theming and styling to a whole new level as well as troubleshooting problems with finding texts or stylevars or tables is made 10x easier.