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******* submitted a new resource:

******* - Advanced Contact Us - This addon provides additional features to the core contact to keep track of contact history.

This addon provides additional features to the core contact function to keep track of contact history.
This can be useful for sites that want to be able to link to a specific contact form from different sections of the site.

- Ability to manages contact categories (department).
- Ability to keeps history for every email, username, IP address, date present, categories ...
- Ability to filter contact logs.
- Ability to reply directly on admincp....
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Thanks, I was looking for something similar. I'm currently using Amazon SES to handle all my email; and that pretty much renders my regular xenforo Contact Us form useless. Why? Because Amazon SES will only send emails from a verified sender. Could you tweak the add-on so that we can specify the sender's address (and default it to the admin's address)? I'm sure it'd help a lot of web masters who're using Amazon SES for their email. :)


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Please... after instalation I had a problem.

Look the picture.... first the copyright was in the middle of the site

And in second, my site have more space after sidebar...

I uninstaled the add but the problem with page continue.... help please to fix this problem.

Responsible.png Middle.png


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I Found that conflict is with the WF, with the header Adsense.

After Instaled the advanced contact I cant use Adsense in the header beside logo.

I would like to know use again my adsense in the header
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We checked your issues and this doesn't related with our addon. Please check your adsense header block (we solved by css trick).

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