Adsense Disabled, Any alternatives?


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My adsense was disabled for "invalid click activity". As far as I know I did not break any policies (did not ask for clicks, did not pay for clicks, did not click on my own ads) and most likely this occurred by someone who did not like my forum.

From what I've been reading, i have little chance of appeaing so what are some good alternatives? Adsense was paying for the hosting which if I can't cover ill have to close all my forums. What are the best non-obtrusive means of advertising for a forum? I get about 400k impressions/mo


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You can keep appealing and if that doesn't work, you can buy an adsense account from a third party and make it yours.

BSA is too strict in their requirements they suck if your site is new.


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I feel your pain, lost most of my income due to AdSense disabling my account.

The best alternative that I've found so far is Lijit, but they don't come close to what AdSense paid.


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Because adsense sucks!
Sorry just my random opinion. I have had too many co-workers/friends have their accounts disabled for the same reasons. The only thing I can think is someone got click happy on your site and kept clicking ads. You can't control that, but they'll disable your account for it anyways.

So anyone who really ticks you off and you know their site has adsense? Just click click CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. lol im just kidding I don't condone such activity or encourage it! I just joke about it...

I rely on random sponsorship and member donations now.


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Get hooked up with affiliates that your traffic would be interested in. If you have a gaming site, look for affiliates that sell games and run their ads..


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It's annoying competition can get you banned. They may even hire someone to do it. Our site got banned years ago, emailed them this year and got approved again. So it can happen, but you have to be nice and honest to them.


use affiliates.

for a quick and easy start, check out viglink and skimlinks

also ebay, amazon, and godaddy


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Hi All,

Whitney from VigLink here. You can get started with us in minutes, and VigLink is a really easy way to monetize without negatively impacting user experience. Any questions? Just email supportATviglinkDOTcom.

Whitney :)

Brandon Sheley

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There are 100's if not 1000's of alternatives
google "ppc alternatives" or "ppc programs" or "ppc advertisers" etc...