Not a bug Ads interuptions on post ad_message_below and ad_message_body

Reproduce problem:
When your forum post limit 20 per-page. You willing to post in the same page for 21st post, you have ad_message_below with adsense, it will interrupt into white page or adsense ads only when you posted it. If you refresh it, it will be fine.

This is a bug or just problem with adsense interruption ?

NB: This problem only happen with ad_message_below and ad_message_body including on Conversations page


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You need to be aware of what <script> tags can do when inserted dynamically into the page after loading. If they make certain calls (document.write), this will causes issues like you see. This is really just how JavaScript (and document.write) work. (Alternative methods of inserting content in JS can be used, but it'd be down to the JS provider to write that.)