Admins Permissions...


I've read the docs around so I suppose the answer would be no...

Is there a way to give Admins ( i mean not SuperAdmins, but 'Simple' Admins ) the ability to manage also Administrative User Groups ( doing it without modifing the config file in the library directory and set them as SuperAdmins too ) ???

Since they have the permission "Manage user groups" ...would be fine, imho, if could be extended also to Manage Admins Groups...



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I think on a simple hierarchy basis, this would be like a moderating being able to moderate other moderators on the same level.

I wouldn't want someone with the same position as me to be able to 'manage' me. Plus, I don't believe this is a feature of XenForo... though you'll have to wait for the Broganator to confirm.


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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "manage also Administrative User Groups".
An Administrator with group permissions can already manage the Administrative user group.

Or do you mean manage users who are Administrators?
In which case a basic Administrator with user permissions can manage other users who are Administrators, just not Super Administrators.