Lack of interest AdminCP - log login failures


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In Kayako SupportSuite 4 "Fusion", the administrator panel is set up such that login failures are logged to the system. I personally think that this is useful and can be used to lock down things.

On a side note, can we change the filename of admin.php, and still retain its full functionality?

Actually, this could be extended to log other failures as well, such as system (software-XF) and PHP issues caused by the software. Might be useful in debugging.


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I would like to see a warning upon successful login (x number of failed logins since your last visit)... If it was you then you can just clear it but it wasn't you know to immediately look into it further.
I know it's an old post... but... I'd like to see something like this. Perhaps even options for banning IPs automatically after X amount of incorrect tries along with any associated account(s) used by that IP address.