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Not a Bug Admin user edit form+log strangeness

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by sheel, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. sheel

    sheel Member


    Three related bugs (?) here. I don't know the exact conditions when it happens, I have only examples.

    a) Situation: Admin changes User groups (Secondary) of another user in the ACP.
    Problem: In some cases, the settings who can make conversations with this user, and/or profile posts at it's profile, change too, eg. from everyone to member-only. It's visible both in the form (if called again after saving) and the user change log.

    b) Same situation (Admin changes User groups (Secondary) of another user in the ACP).
    Problem: In some cases, the user change log shows that the users signature was edited too, altough the old and new value are the same.

    c) In the user change log, I have quite a few entries from users (editing their own settings) disabling the mails for conversations, and enabling it at the same time (ie. two blocks of changes at the same time, one from Yes to No and one from No to Yes).
  2. sheel

    sheel Member

    (If there are specific situations I could test, please tell me.
    Sadly, I'm not familiar snough with the core code to debug this in a reasonable time)
  3. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    This is expected as it's a historical issue. "Everyone" isn't valid for some of these, so we don't display that option; it's effectively equivalent to members only. As such, it gets converted.

    Can you attach a database record to show this? I suspect you'll find there is a change (such as the signature being trimmed). If it's the trimming as mentioned, then I would guess that's either a historical or an import thing.

    This is something we'd need steps to reproduce, though it's not something I can reproduce. I suppose an add-on could be involved here.
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  4. sheel

    sheel Member

    Problem 1: Ah, I didn't know that.

    P 2&3: I'll try to dig into it...
    (sadly it's not trimming)
  5. sheel

    sheel Member


    P2: While I still have no idea, it a) doesn't happen multiple times for the same edited user, and b) it doesn't do anything bad other than creating an useless log entry ... so I give up on searching for that one. Too much bother for nothing.

    P3: Sorry, it really was a plugin :(

    Please someone, move/remove this thread, there's no problem anymore.

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