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TBH she is one of the few staff members there (the whole vB scene) that I remember as being very helpful to me personally....her post about setting up a custom page I believe, was catalyst to me not throwing out the free computer I had been given because of posts like hers I could make something... was really part of the trail leading to where I am typing at this point.

Thanks for putting somewhat of an identity to a blank in my head (or as Jake pointed out, a cat) with this interview.

Good read...and of course thank you Lynne for all the great help over at the other place while I was there.
Good interview.


What do you spend your free time on outside of vBulletin?
** I spend my time reading, cooking, gardening, and being a grandma.

Are you a parent?
** Yes, I am. I have a step-daughter who has a step-daughter and two kids of her own, so I’m not just a Mom, but also a grandma!

Uuuuuhm, yeah. :p
I agree Lynne was always very helpful at, it wasn't surprising that grabbed her expertise to join the ranks at the .com site. Very helpful person.

Another great interview Brandon. (y)
Lynne would always teach everyone how to search for the answer first. (y)
Yeah maybe very handy if you are an experienced html/php/css guru but super annoying for complete noobs like me back in those days.

Quick to post an answer for sure, but never useful if you didn't understand what needed to be done. I prefer the BroganBot and the current helpful mods here.
I always remember her as having the cat avatar. :D
You mean this one? :)
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