XF 1.5 Admin Statistics list

Hi is it possible to get a .csv or just a list of a particular stat by day of the month that I can then copy across into Excel?

All I can see in the admin panel at the moment is a graph not the numbers. Are there any add-ons that help with this out there?



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I'm not aware of an add-on that does this. The data is directly track at the daily level within the xf_stats_daily table (with a Unix timestamp for the date), which you may be able to access directly to pull data out.
Thanks Mike and Robru.

Just to be clear the numbers I'm looking for are:

Active Users: (users who've logged in)
User Registrations:

Currently we're on Vbulletin and when I run through stats on there it'll give me a html table with date and number for a date range that I can just cut and paste out and clean up in excel. Something like that would be fine but obviously a .csv download would be better.


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Looking for the same thing... mainly daily registrations with some way to track it and generate a daily list for the last 30, 60, 90, year, etc.

I was really surprised to learn this was not built-in like it is with vB.

I realize some people don't care about it... but a Google search yielded quite a few requests for it here.