Admin.php protection

Hey Guys,
So I have installed xenforo latest version
So I had htaccess.txt I renamed it to .htacess
However I modified it as shown in the instructions in this thread and it is still not working?
can someone guide me through it please?
Thank you.

Did you mean to have only one letter "c" in the new renamed file? Or is that just a typo here?

I don't know much about Linux servers, but that stood out to me on first glance. :unsure:
Whats not working? any error messages?
Thank you for the reply
What is not working is that I added the auth_user and the other auth password file in sites available default page and I run nginx -t and everything is working but the password and username don't show up once I visit admin.php it loads directly on xenforo login page.
any ideas? I tried everything
If you're using nginx instead of apache/litespeed then the .htaccess isn't of any use to you. It must all be done in your vhost conf file.
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