Admin page weirdness

We had to install the PHP extension MySQLi which we did and all went well, but after logging into the admin this is what we get?

It's as if there's something wrong with the CSS or a missing file?

Any ideas?

Admin login screen


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A couple of things you can try to start with.

Try reloading the page using CTRL+F5 to clear the browser cache.
Also check it from another browser if you can.

If that doesn't solve it then you can try rebuilding the master data by browsing to the /install URL.

BTW, I've moved the thread from bug reports to installation problems.
Well this is weird, Did what you said about rebuilding master data and one thing I noticed was "Rebuilding Admin Templates (importing)" (the only import message I saw)

and in Minefield nightly (Firefox 4) the admin is now OK, but not in Chrome (stable) I'm not using a dev release of Chrome.

My co-admin also tells me that Firefox 3.6, Opera and Chrome isn't fixed for him.

So why would it disaplay correctly in a Firefox nightly and no other browser?
Oh nm I logged in with Firefox 4 DURING the master data rebuild and the style broke in that browser when I refreshed after the rebuild was complete.


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All of the templates are stored in the database so I doubt it's file related.

You could try re-uploading all the files to the server though, just in case there were some problems during the FTP process.


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Post back with how you get on with a clean install.
Hopefully it will all go well this time.


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Thanks Steve, just checking it out now.

I've never seen anything like that, the css just isn't being loaded at all.

Definitely one of the more interesting ones, though I doubt that's much consolation to you...


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Sorry to hear steven, but I just have to say it. Looks like your xenforo got raped during installation... hideous lol. Hopefully it works out for you when you do it again.
Quick update, our MySQL replication is configured in such a way that when accounts are created, one server assigns an uneven id, the other even, so there can never be a conflict.

The test board is running on the server that assigns even id's. (one less problem)