Admin & Moderator powers

Hi guys , & girls.
I'll start off by apologizing for my inexperiences in forum software, language, et al.
Has it ever been suggested that as an Admin that I can become a user ?
It would be helpful to adjust powers if users are unfamiliar with the controls as given.

Also, any implementations to becoming invisible to users as a mod on up?

Regarding user notifications,
Can a user toggle off & on to be notified of new threads, posts, etc?

Lastly, I am experiencing a flow of intrusions from Russia.
Most have .ru or a multitude of Hotmail and Gmail accounts.
I am looking for more powers within the user platform.
I would like to be able to see the users name, email, & IP address.
What I am looking for is when all 3 above are available, that a check box to allow, disallow, or Ban the user, the users account, and/or the direct IP associated to the user/new user account.

What can you share with all of these inquiries?

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I'm not sure what you mean about an administrator becoming a user. In XenForo, Administrators are just those with elevated permissions and access to the ACP.

Yes, all users have the option to hide their visibility, seen to themselves and anyone with appropriate permissions (Bypass user privacy).

Yes, notifications are user controlled.

On the last part, I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, if you approve users you will be able to act on them before the start posting, but banning IPs, users, and emails are all possible in the current software.
As an Admin, I could help users who lose their passwords and re-insert their info or help create new PW's for them.
Assist in an as needed basis. Especially when not near an internet conection or the website.
Could also help assign Mod titles if that user is not familiar with controls.

Id like to see IP addresses present on new user registrations.
Having their IP connected and visible to Admins, I can address abuses per user.
Maybe I am just not seeing this per user.


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You are able to edit a user, update their password, titles, etc. directly from the ACP, no need to become the user.

IP addresses are recorded for a number of events within XenForo, registration included. You are able to view these IPs via the user's page in the administrator control panel (or running the Spam Cleaner on new registrations as the pop up includes IPs).