XF 1.2 Admin Log Entry Display

I am having a few issues the forums in the sense that an individual has the ability to edit things such as names, descriptions, post counts, likes, etc. We have ensured that all of the Administrators have changed their passwords to ensure that this isn't the source of the security breach.

To track the thing such as name changing I have attempted to use the Admin Log Entry feature, however this is not displaying the changes. How are things being changed without updating the logs, (is there a way to remove data from this list), or is there a vulnerability else where?

Thanks, Andrew.

Tracy Perry

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Do you have any add-ons that allow name changing?
As for the other, if they are just sending you screenshots of it, that can be done in the browser itself. If they are permanently reflected, then they have either gained access to your ACP or you DB (possibly via phpMyAdmin). That's why I have this installed and use it for admin accounts to XenForo.