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Steve F

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Steve F submitted a new resource:

Admin Center - Administration just got easier

Admin Center makes it easier to navigate areas of the ACP from the front-end of your site by providing quicker access to some key areas such as User Groups, Appearance, Options, etc.

You can also search templates and users from the menu. User Search uses the same auto complete for user names so you can quickly get the correct user you're searching for. You also have the ability to add custom links under the...
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Steve F

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I've amended my description of the resource pertaining to the coupon for Pixel Exit customers. The way our system works it removes users from the "Customer" group when their license expires, so to receive the add-on coupon for 100% discount you need to have an active license.

Thanks everyone!


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This is really great, thank you!

But I have a problem using it from my iPhone6 with iOS8 and Safari.

My admin.php is password-protected through .htaccess
Now when I open a link from the admin center, a new tab is being opened and the page keeps on loading and loading.... Nothing happens. Then I stop the page-loading and hit RELOAD. Login and password are being asked and after entering them Safari throws me an error:

"WebKit encountered an internal error".

I think this has to to with "target=blank". Can anyone reproduce this?

Steve F

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I would say update if you can, many safari related fixes in newer versions. I've had the error you are speaking of but not related to this add-on. A friend justed tested it out with no problems but he's on iOS 9.


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Upgrading is really difficult because of all the cydia-apps I bought. I have to reinstall everything after upgrading and jailbreaking again *if* it works. Never change a running system.
I have just tried, it works in chrome...My wife has an iphone5, I will try it there to verify, but she will not be at home until Friday.

Is there anyone who tried it with < iOS 8.4 ?

Steve F

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Alright, I'm able to reproduce this with iOS 8.4 but it isn't the add-on. It is actually how the new tab is handled in Safari iOS 8 it seems.

If you disable the add-on, tap and hold the default Admin link to open a new tab you should get the same result. target="_blank" is virtually the same thing as doing that in the browser. Not seeing a work around other than adding an option to disable opening in a new tab. If there is enough interest I'll add it.

Tested iOS 9 and it works flawlessly so it seems a definite iOS 8 bug. The address bar is blank when trying to load the page but that is as far as I can debug without a Mac :p

Steve F

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Going to update the Resource, but I forgot to mention there are style properties if anyone has any problems with how it looks with their style. ;)