XF 2.2 Admin 2 Step Verification Issue

So I tried logging in today, and I'm encountering an issue with my 2 step verification.
The email on file is correct, but I'm not receiving any email with the code.

An email has been sent to charlesfoote13@gmail.com with a single-use code. Please enter that code to continue.

The 2 Step verification also prevents me from being able to get me into my AdminCP, so I can't even change my admin account email.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

(PS, I don't have any backup codes).


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Add this to the src/config.php file to temporarily disable TFA:
$config['enableTfa'] = false;

Then disable TFA in your account, remove that line from the config file, and set TFA up again.

Backup codes are designed for this very reason.