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Adjusting the media size within a post


Sorry if this has been asked before.
Regular images on my forum are displayed much larger than the "thumbnails" inserted into posts. It seems that the "thumbnail" option in XFMG options applies to those shown within the XFMG pages, but not regular posts.
How can I change the dimensions of the thumbs shown in posts?


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
In posts we actually display the full size image and shrink it down with CSS. This is usually the desire and it means the aspect ratio of the original image is retained which is better for viewing purposes.

The CSS that controls the size is in this template: xengallery_bb_code_tag_gallery.css

Specifically you may wish to adjust this to something you feel is more suitable:
.GalleryLazyLoader .galleryBbCode .Panes
    max-height: 400px;
    overflow: hidden;

.GalleryLazyLoader .galleryBbCode .galleryImage
    max-height: 350px;
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick answer.

What happens is that I have an active Photography section, but users usually host their images somewhere else, because they show up in full width within the posts, limited by the post width of course. You could expand images even more by clicking on them, but on a regular monitor you wouldn't even have to. People like this, it's all there, just scroll down, no additional clicking/redirecting needed.

When I suggested that people start uploading their images to XFMG, taking advantage of the integration features, most liked the idea and the extra information, exif, etc, except for the fact that images were shown as thumbnails, so now everyone pretty much has to click on every image which is annoying to most.
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