XF 1.2 Adjusting number of page links shown in PageNav?


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Is it possible to adjust the number of pages displayed in the PageNav?

I find there's just a few too many shown by default, especially when longer page numbers (and mobile screens) become a factor.

UPDATE: I've figured out I can sort-of do this by editing the width of the "scrollable" segment of the PageNav with the following addition to EXTRA.css. You'll need to adjust this to your own needs.

.PageNav .scrollable {
    width: 61px;
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Wow thank you so much for this. I hate them small number links. You should post this as a resource. Bout to do this now.


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You're welcome, but be careful, as I have since discovered some bugs with that solution (some page links will be hidden, depending upon the number of pages shown). I'll definitely consider putting together a resource once I get everything straightened out.

Reconfiguring the page nav is way too hard in XenForo.