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[AddonFlare] Paid Registrations 1.8.1

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Peter Cox

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The only other ones I can see by default are Braintree and 2CheckOut. Do you really need those two as well? Not sure they offer anything more that PP/Stripe.

PayPal is the dominant form of payment (72% of online shoppers). Some people don’t like it at all, and for those there’s Stripe – which I see has just added direct debits to its range of payment types.


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i upgraded to last version in the hope all erros related to paid registration addon disappear but no success.

i have more than 100 errors daily, what can i do?


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Unfortunately, support is terrible. Raised a support ticket on 24/Feb with no response. Again 24 hrs ago, and no response yet.


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Have they announced that somewhere? Pretty shocking for a paid product to abondon it.

Can you guys recommend a good alternative?


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How does it work with 2.2.5 and PHP 8?

I've been using this add-on for years now and it is truly is one of the best add-ons made for XenForo. Everyone should be using it!