Addon that add's hundreds of new forums from JSON-file



I'm using list of all (over 1900) cryptocurrencies in other script which is not any kind of XF made, it makes own pages for every crypto to my main website.

Is it possible to import forums from JSON file or at maybe MySQL db?

or even a bit cleaner look for new topics right coins. Ex. "{{ crcr }}" <- Is something like this possible?

So I have JSON file which contains those informations, like this:

    "129013": {
        "id": "129013",
        "symbol": "ECC",
        "name": "E-CurrencyCoin",
        "logo": "129013-ECC.png",
        "proof_type": "PoW\/PoS",
        "website": "https:\/\/",
        "twitter": "ECurrencycoin",
        "description": "<p>E-CurrencyCoin is a Proof of Work\/Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, currently in the PoS stage. ECC is based on the popular Scrypt algorithm.<\/p>",
        "total_supply": 2147483647

So I want XenForo be able to make forum's from all of those items what is included in my JSON-file.

Name: forum name (xenforo/forums/e-currencycoin/)
Description: Not necessary to get other info like that but would be better of course. Forum name's can be as symbol also, but I would prefer name first.


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There's no way to do that in core XF. Making a quick script or a function in the ACP to do this isn't difficult if you go down the custom development route, however you should probably check with the XF team to whether or not having 1900 forums or so will impact performance significantly. It'll certainly be hard to navigate through them without using search functionality, too.

You may want to use some kind of tagging based approach instead.


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I had developed a plugin to import Forums using a CSV file. If it works for you, can share it with you but if you want me to be doing it for JSON, shouldn't be an issue either.


That would be great! CSV is not a problem, but JSON-style is better of course.

Check your inbox! :)