1. Kruzya

    Lack of interest REST API: Add ability send JSON bodies

    At this moment (2019.08.14), XenForo supports only requests with Content Types: application/x-www-form-urlencoded multipart/form-data It will be nice if we can send JSON.
  2. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Default value for option

    Hi! I have a custom option template: <xf:radiorow name="{$inputName}[where]" label="{$option.title}" hint="{$hintHtml}" explain="{$explainHtml}" html="{$listedHtml}"> <xf:option value="everywhere" selected="$option.option_value.where ==...
  3. D

    XF 2.0 How to generate Hashes file on Windows?

    Hi, How do you generate the hashes.json file please, if I try adding/editing my old file due to editing the code slightly it keeps saying this - "To prevent potential issues, please resolve the following warnings before continuing" "src/addons/xPoster/addon.json": "[hash code here]", For...
  4. Anhava

    Addon that add's hundreds of new forums from JSON-file

    Hello! I'm using list of all (over 1900) cryptocurrencies in other script which is not any kind of XF made, it makes own pages for every crypto to my main website. Is it possible to import forums from JSON file or at maybe MySQL db? So I have JSON file which contains those informations...
  5. CleanTalk Team

    XF 2.0 Any tips to build hashes.json automatically?

    Hello, In other topics i've found some answers from stuff members when they said that hashes.json should build automatically when you build a release. However, yesterday we've released our mod i coudn't find this file inside my zip package when i download it.
  6. M

    Read from JSON/Cached JSON

    Hi, I want use some data from RESTFul API (JSON) and show in sidebar, so I created a template and include in PAGE_CONTAINER, and in new template I used <xen:callback> to include and run my php code, in php code I use file_get_contents to read from json. everything seems to be ok, but I have 2...
  7. Nerbert

    Unmaintained Nerbert Template Cookies 1.0.0

    This product reads XenForo cookies into template params (session, session_admin and user excluded). This avoids the need to create new tables or modify existing ones to store user options in add-on products and makes it possible to use them when templates are rendered without having to extend...
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