[Addon Search Style Properties PRE RELEASE] Looking for help


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Here's an addon which would help to find styles properties to create a style from XenForo default one. The addon architecture should be finished, but I would need a help to make a thesaurus of all CSS per properties. I've already started but I'm far to have finished.

This thesaurus is inside the public template "search_style_properties_css_datas". All properties are already there (divided by XenForo Style properties sections). If some kind people could share with me those sections it would be nice ^^

The easiest way to find the CSS is to look inside the file "templates.xml" and search for:
{xen:property THEPROPERTY

Edit1: I take Header and Navigation & Breadcrumb
Edit2: I take Notice, Login & Footer
Edit3: I take PageNav, Sidebar, Forms
Edit4: I take Buttons, Overlays and Tooltips, Form-Type Overlays
Edit5: I take Popup Menus, Forum / Node List, Node Icons
Edit6:I take Discussion List, Message Layout, Message Elements
Final Edit: I take the last three

Thank you for your help...