Addon Folders still remain after Addon uninstall


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Well, i have deleted quite a few Addons from my Forum but the addon´s install/upload Folders are still there.

Like, i deleted xenPorta but have the whole Folder still in /library/
Folder is set to 777.

This behave is with every Addon i uninstalled.
Shouldn't the folder be uninstalled too if the addon is uninstalled?
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Thats bad behave. Lots of orphans Files are remaining this way....
There should be a possibility with xenforo or the addon that all Files are deleted too.
Had a few very old addons installed and could not find the Download here anymore (archive), so i dont know which files i have to delete manually.

Same with sql db. Some entries remains


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For the remaining SQL, you should report them to the appropriate add-on authors, that sounds like an error in their code.

As for the files, this is intended behavior due to the fact that XenForo doesn't add those files when you install an add-on.


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The files have to be manually uploaded via FTP to the server prior to installation.

Similarly, they have to be manually deleted after uninstalling.

You can compare your server files to a vanilla install to determine which files and directories can be removed.


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I always keep a local copy of any add-on so once I've uninstalled one, I then look at the files and folders locally that come with the add-on and then remove these from my site. This makes it easy keeping things tidy.