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I have been patiently waiting but no replies our updates. There is definitely an issue with this addon where it removes key stats from the membercard, XenStaff & Registered Members areas. I have images showing how these areas look both when the addon is enabled, and when it is disabled. I would like for someone who can pinpoint where this issue happens and hopefully find a solution because I would like to keep both my missing stats as well as this addon which I've already paid for:

I found a 'conflict' where this add-on causes all the detailed info of my XenStaff to not show. I want them both to work but how do I fix this issue? I have disabled the Post Rating' and when I do that then the XenStaff detailed info shows properly. Enable it and the XenStaff detailed info disappears:
Have you been able to look into this add-on conflict yet? Thanks in advance.
Just trying to get this matter resolved. Any way we can allow your add-on to work and show? It's not a conflict between just the XenStaff because my Registered Users has everyone's info removed as well when your add-on is activated. Help PLZ? Thanks ;-):

How it looks with your Add-on Disabled:

How it looks when your Add-on is Enabled:

And 'again', this is happening to BOTH the Registered Users as well as the XenStaff. NOW, it's been also happening on the Membercard but I didn't notice this until just now:

Membercard w/Post Ratings addon Enabled:

Membercard w/Post Ratings addon Disabled:



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You have already posted in the add-on thread about this so a separate thread is not required.

Issues related to add-ons should always be posted in the add-on discussion thread.
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