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I would love to see some additional, practical examples of the XenForo Resource Manager addon in action beyond the example provided by XenForo. Was a list of sites using the Resource Manager addon compiled at any point? If not, if you know of any, could you reply with a link so I can check it out? (Or, if providing links to sites is not allowed for any reason, please send me a private message.)

We use it mainly for official forms from Governments, Visa Application forms, Books and GPX Routes.
It's the best way to keep it organized.
In Threads they will disappear after a while and will be hard to find.
We use it as a go to place to find any resources that could be helpful to members - articles, videos, information. So it's all in one place and useful info doesn't get lost in multiple threads.

Examples below. If you look on the left there are categories. Resources just looks like a long list of resources but if you click on the category it only lists the resources in that category. So on my second screenshot it shows the category for letter templates (of which there are only two so less to scroll through). You upload your icon to the resource. I just use the same one for all but you could have different icons for different category resources to distinguish between them.

The third screenshot shows an opened resource. In there you can put all the information for the resource directly onto the page, or you can put an explanation of a resource to be opened up or downloaded. In this example the resource links to a web page with a video containing all the information. In other resources, it's a full resource in itself, written by someone on the site, with photos, explanations etc.

So you choose whether to include the resource information on the page, or whether to link to it via the "go to download" button (which doesn't actually download, it opens up a new web page with the link you've attached).

Resources screenshot.jpg

Resources screenshot 2.jpg

Resources screenshot 3.jpg
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