Addition Registration Form Questions?


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Is it possible to have addition registration form questions?

It would be very helpful as the website I admin is for a gaming community and addition questions upon registrations would be helpful and a way to review what the user answered to these questions. Enjin does this well and I was wondering if xF can also do it.

Thank you in advance for any answers.


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Sorry, what exactly do you mean by that? To my knowledge I don't.

if you click into the admincp >> Appearance and in the side menu (to the left) click Outdated Templates link you'll get a list of outdated templates if there are any for the style.



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I only show in that submenu:

User Title Ladder
The admin login you are currently using doesn't have the "Manage custom user fields" admin permission. You will need to log in as the super administrator and in ACP > Users > Administrators, edit the user and give them the required permissions.