Fixed Adding wysiwyg editor in AdminCP not work because of this


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I was trying to add the editor in the admincp but the toolbar never load.

So, I was getting this error:

http://localhost/xen/js/tinymce/plugins/uneditable/editor_plugin.js?_v=4c1a0d8d 404 (Not Found)

I searched inside the admin template and found this:

Rich (BB code):
plugins: 'tabfocus,uneditable,-xenforo_elastic,-xenforo_inline_popups,-xenforo_custom_bbcode,-xenforo_smilies,-xenforo_media,-xenforo_code,-xenforo_bbcode_switch',
But do not exist a plugin called uneditable. The right is: noneditable.

After I changed uneditable to noneditable, now the editor works in the AdminCP.


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I've synced the contents of editor_js_setup between the two (as there are other changes). For the most part, the editor in the ACP is unsupported from our end as it's not used in any official code (yet).