Fixed  Adding Users to Private Conversation


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I noticed what I think may be a bug when adding users to a private conversation.

If I type in Flo and clicked "Floris" on the auto-complete, the text cursor stayed after the "o" where I stopped typing to use the mouse to click on the name, rather than the text cursor being after the comma of "Floris,".

Also, if I click "Invite More" and after adding several people, the lightbox looking invitation box won't go away. Instead it will still display the "add users" pop-up with the buttons "Invite members" or "Cancel", making me think that if I hit "Cancel" that my previous people added will go away.

Perhaps either make the window go away after inviting them, or having a "confirm" button that closes the window after you're done, so you may go back and continue a post. I'm not sure if this may be the cause, but I had typed about half a post to a private convo before inviting the people, whereas I was going to finish my post before clicking submit.


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Liz, that bug has actually been fixed now I believe (locally). Will have to update here shortly. This is a separate issue.

And I've moved this to bugs.