XF 1.4 Adding session information (member, guests, robots) between separate installs


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This one seems to elude me among the many resources here.

We have about 7 installs and we have connected them all via SSO for a country specific network. What we'd like to do is figure out how to grab all the live session information for current member, guest, robot and then combine that information into a new statistic which will then replace the current individual installs stats, thus displaying the network audience among all the installs.

As it seems XF is using session information, I'm stumped on how to aggregate that all in a lag session (3-5 minutes) of real time. Oh, and it gets better since each has a wordpress install attached and we want to add that real-time stat into the final display as well.


Thanks to the community.


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You'd need to do a fair bit of custom development to do it. Probably something where you have a centralized server call out to an API on each site to get the details and aggregate them and then have each server call that aggregated value (rather than having each server try to talk to each other server). It probably wouldn't be real-time, but you could have the aggregator run every 30 seconds (or faster) and it'd be close enough.