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Unmaintained Adding search tab

Get the quicksearch available as a tab.

  1. Dion Sune Jensen

    Dion Sune Jensen Active Member

    Dion Sune Jensen submitted a new resource:

    Adding search tab (version 1.0) - tab, search, navigation

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. SportainmentMG

    SportainmentMG Active Member

  3. Dion Sune Jensen

    Dion Sune Jensen Active Member

    Yeah, I noticed that as well when I applied it to a fresh install, I'll update the resource once I get back home tomorrow, should be a very simple thing to fix.
    But for now here are the minor things you need to do to fix it:

    Template: search
    <div id="searchBar" class="pageWidth">
    Replace with:
    <div id="searchBar">
    That should fix the width so that you dont have the huge transparent areas
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  4. SportainmentMG

    SportainmentMG Active Member

    That works allot better :) and for anyone else looking the template is search_bar (just didn't want people replying saying they cant find the search template) - but it looks allot better now thanks for your help.
  5. Dion Sune Jensen

    Dion Sune Jensen Active Member

    Ah right :p was very late when I replied so thanks for that :)
  6. Dion Sune Jensen

    Dion Sune Jensen Active Member

  7. Cala_Marie

    Cala_Marie New Member

    Thanks for this, it worked like a charm on 2.0b5. :) I should note that when I went to edit xenforo.js, I found that the code in that area had changed since then so I left the file as-is; so far I haven't encountered any glitches.
  8. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    that's looking great, as it is much better "visible" than a white-on-white colored search-box (y)

    Would be cool to make it into an Addon.....

  9. Dion Sune Jensen

    Dion Sune Jensen Active Member

    I do plan on making it an addon that just requites TMS, since with the latest XenForo version it seems I wont need to do any actual file edits, but I haven't really had time to do any proper testing on this yet
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  10. imthebest

    imthebest Formerly Super120

    This works fine thanks!

    However there is a problem with responsive: when on portrait mode the Search drop-down doesn't appear. Switching to landscape mode fixes the problem.

    Any easy way to fix this?
  11. imthebest

    imthebest Formerly Super120

    Btw this isn't compatible with IE8, it breaks the page! Could you please fix?

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