Adding "Rank" Images


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I am attempting to do something, that I am not even sure if its possible or not.

Currently, you can grab this add-on and have your usertitle change based on posts, instead of trophy points, which I want to do.

My issue, I allow "Custom User Titles" for one, and the other, I want to change how the image appears in the postbit. Instead of being under the username, I want an image (regardless of if they change the usertitle themselves or not) to be shown based on total amount of posts.

Here is the image I am going off of:

Where the contact card is, I would like my ranks to appear.

Is this a styling (combined with the above add-on) issue, or is this practically a new add-on? If so, please, feel free to move to correct area...


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Well, not exactly... with that add-on (not sure what customizations you plan), you would have medals adding up, showing multiple. I want 1 image displayed at all times, based on post count.

Although I think I recall it having an option somewhere to only show "x" amount of medals, and option to show "latest".


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I plan to use the stock XF criteria system that is used for Notices/Trophies/Promotions/Notifications.

This can very much be done via an addon as far as feasibility goes.


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Figured it out thanks to a myriad of posts throughout the forums. Will post as resource for template modification....
Nice jobStewart. I've always been meaning to get around to trying this but never did. If I read correctly (and in the messageuserinfo) the image will change when a user reaches a postcount that you've set? And this will be done automatically? I mean the image will change automatically when the user reaches that <insert postcount here>?

If so I look forward in that release as I have many progression member ranks that I can post that will utilize this perfectly.


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Yes, but as shown in the image above, it will change the location. Also, I might need your help in moving my image location... haha.