XF 1.5 Adding Polls to automatically generated threads not possible?


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It seems like even with the right permissions and forum settings, when a thread is generated automatically (For example a Resource Item Thread), I can not "Add a Poll" to it later. Is this on purpose or just a forgotten feature?

Why is this needed? For example: I have club collectibles/merchandise introduced as a Showcase item, that generates an automatic thread per item. I would like to add a poll to the discussion thread for the users to vote if they want the merchandise item to be produced or not.

Chris D

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Threads have a discussion type. Ordinarily, this is blank. Resource manager threads are set to "resource" discussion type, it is this type that triggers the additional behaviours you see in a resource thread, such as the resource tabs wrapper around the normal thread, and other indications that you're viewing a resource thread. A thread with a poll gets the "poll" discussion type, and this is what triggers the poll to be displayed.

So if a resource thread has the "resource" type, and a poll thread has the "poll" type, there's a conflict there. A discussion can't support multiple discussion types so this is why it is one or the other.