XF 1.1 Adding new post manualy


I know that I am maybe boring asking all those questions but I just need to setup again everything as it was before transfering to xenForo.

I need way to add post automatic when new text is published on portal.
While I was with phpBB I wrote custom PHP code which inserted directly to databse new topic and post. Now I could do it same way with xenForo but I am afraid to do it just like that.

To what should I pay attention if I decide to do it that way so in the end I don't mess some unique numbers or so. Is it possible somehow to pass title and text to xenForo functions which will then add topic and post to databse?

Post that will be added is simple text that notify forum members that new text is published on portal.
It is best to use the datawriter. But for basic threads and posts it isn't difficult to do manual inserts. The data structure is very simple assuming no attachments. Just insert into xf_thread and xf_post. Keep an eye on your ids.
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