Adding conversations-tab


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I want to take the conversations out of the account-tab and give them their won tab. I think that's more intuitive.

All goes well accept for:

- i need to know in the page-container-template if I'm dealing with a conversations-page

So that I can:

- set an "in-conversations"-variable and i can:
- skip the "account"-bit out of the breadcrumb and
- make the navigation tab show up 'active' when a conversation-page is loaded

This is surely possible, but how.... :confused:

Or is it?


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It is indeed that simple... I'll have to learn to start looking at your addon before I ask anything. :)

But I'm a bit weary about all the addons I'm installing. The number of queries and especially the number of files are growing and growing. I'm well over a 120 files to be read for every page, with no big add-ons loaded. Wouldn't I be better of hacking the files instead of using an add-on?


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For this just use nodes as don't want to have to keep editing that with every update and tbh I find nodes as tabs to be one of the most complete and useful addons and for what it adds in overhead it adds 10 times that in functionality and ease of use when it comes to navigation modification.