XF 2.2 Adding an add-on for Polls

What is the process for adding and add-on. I'm not a programmer. Do I download the add-on and then upload to my forum through Admin? Wanting to add the [OzzModz] Latest Poll Widget. Not making any headway. I'm logged in here and a xenforo customer, but says that I can't download.
Thank you. I successfully downloaded and then installed the Poll Widget. I still can't seem to find how to initiate a poll. I read somewhere that when a thread is initiated, there were 3 types (Poll being one of them). When I initiate a thread, there is no option to initiate a poll. Sorry. Been at this for 2 hours trying to figure out.
Probably not. And thank you for trying to help. I'm a hand surgeon....but not a programmer. I'm learned a lot in the back end of xenforo, but there's a lot there. Do you mind pointing me to the steps?
Threads can be stuck with the relevant moderator permission - set that in the user group/per user.

There is no function built in which allows the order to be changed.
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