XF 1.4 Adding a new Administrator and she can't log into CP

The new Admin was added, via the instructions provided somewhere on here.
But she can't log into the CP her password doesn't work
Is there a password thing, I need to create?

Steve F

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Their normal password is all that is needed. Are you sure they are receiving a password error when trying to log in?

Have them reset the password if that is the case.

Jake Bunce

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"password doesn't work" meaning what exactly? Is there an error message? What is the error?

Just to be certain... new admins must be assigned in your:

Admin CP -> Users -> Administrators

...instead of just adding the user to the "Administrative" group.


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How is she attempting to access the ACP?

Your site is accessible from both www and non-www which probably explains why she is being logged out.

The FAQ in my signature explains how to force it to one or the other.
"When I put my password in and hit log in it resets. The box stays as if I never applied the password. If I hit cancel or close the box I get a large page that says error 401 and it closes the forum on me."


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The screenshot above is related to .htaccess authorisation, which is a different user name and password to that used to log in to the forum with.
We figured out that it is double password protected and needed to be created in an add on of some sort. We have it worked out
Thanks so much for the help and suggestions!