Add-on Adding a Field to Create Thread/Post


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Hey guys. I need the ability to add an additional field below the text box when you create a new thread or reply. That box would then display information on the post. For example I have a political debate forum and I would find it extremely useful to have a box that says cite your debate. It would encourage users to actually cite their arguments, and would serve as a reminder when making new input that they can and should cite their arguments. It could then output the field containment into the post (you can see what I mean better below in the images).

I'd want this field to be on all new post and new thread areas, as well as below the quick reply in the same fashion.

Anyone interested in knocking this out for me for some extra $$$? Send me a message with how much you'll charge and turn around time. (y)

(Anyone wishing to split costs and share this one should message me too!)

Here's a few mock ups to show you what I mean: