Adding a category block


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I was wondering if it is possible to add a category block to the very bottom of the forum list, that is empty... If so please let me know what code / templates to add!

I basically wanted to keep the category header (change the title physically) that has an empty contents area

I would use this to input a google adsense leaderboard advert!



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That may be from the advert itself, as there was no space with my testing.

Can you link to the site so I can check?


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Thank you, sir

Any way to get rid of this vertical spacing on this specific node?
Understand why it wouldn't be, if not...

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Actually I just noticed when I go to 1024x768 to view this, my categories overlap to the right on my right sidebar by having the code for the google adsense where you told me to put it...

On a higher resolution (1280x800) this is not an issue at all...