XF 1.5 Added CSS Node Icon doesn't work right


Hi all

i hope you could help me a bit out. Maybe i can't see the forest in all those trees ;)

i've added new node Icons to our board but the old Icon is overlapped:

the following EXTRA.CSS Code has been used:

.nodeList .node.node_177 .nodeIcon

background-image: url('http://img.mannschaftsheim.net/gicons/LoL.png') !important;
background-position: 0 0 !important;

but the result is this:

The Old Icon is overlapped.

In the Analysis i could find "<i class="fa fa-gamepad fa-2x fa-fw"></i>" is still active, is there a way to overwrite the "FA Icons" in the EXTRA.CSS Code for specific nodes?

Kind Regards and Many thanks
The default style doesn't use FA for node icons.

If you are using a third party style you will need to post in the resource thread or contact the author for help with how to remove them.
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