Lack of interest Add user to user group rather then Manually Approve.


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I would really love for there to be a third action option if a user is flagged by the StopForumSpam database.
  1. Require the registration to be manually approved by an admin
  2. Block this registration
  3. Add to User group
Even if they are flagged and added to the awaiting moderation queue, its not always easy to tell if someone is a spammer (unless they have that obvious long url in the homepage field). Therefore, I give most of those users a chance by adding them to a "Limited" user group where they cant do much and their posts are being moderated. After the first post I am usually able to tell if they are truly a spammer.

Anyway, to do that I have to manually approve all those users and then manually add the approved users to that restricted user group. Fortunately there is the Batch Update option to set the secondary user group but I still cant use the Batch Update to approve all.

BTW, if Batch Update allowed controlling User State, that would work as well.



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Also, one HUGE benefit of having the user added to a specific usergroup right after being tagged a possible spammer is that I can restrict access to modifying the profile of the "Limited" usergroup. This means no more "Homepage" spam linked before they are confirmed members.

If not having a third option of adding flagged users to usergroup then it would be awesome to be able to control the permission that User State "Awaiting Confirmation" had. That would allow everyone to customize what those users are able or not able to do while they are waiting to be confirmed (or denied).