XF 1.3 Add text/code beneath search form

Mr Lucky

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I need to find where I would add some text or code to appear at the bottom of the dropdown search, ie underneath the search and more buttons.


Can anyone please help

Mr Lucky

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Many thanks.

However something is not quite right.

I have added an html link after:

<a href="{xen:link search}" class="button moreOptions Tooltip" title="{xen:phrase advanced_search}">{xen:phrase more}...</a>
The link appears as I want, underneath the advanced search button and is to a page (on which I have a Google custom search).

However when I do this, the advanced search then links to that same page instead of the correct advanced forum search page.

Mr Lucky

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Ok, seems to be sorted, a question of trial and error as to where to paste the link so the advanced search link still works.