XF 2.0 Add own payment provider ?


I am wondering what would be the best way to add a second payment provider as a PayPal alternative.
So in Xenforo 1.5 I implemented CoinPayments as an alternative payment gate, but everything was outsourced to my own web panel, so I only used the Xenforo's upgradeUser method and had my own callback etc. And now I am moving to Xenforo 2.0 and anyway have to rewrite some of my stuff I thought to integrate CoinPayments as a provider. Is there any documentation for this?

I managed to add a new Provider Profile by duplicating the PayPal Provider and doing my changed there and then adding the provider to xf_payment_provider, in the database; I just would like to know where I can add my profile template provide unique profile fields.

Regards Artur
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It's a reasonably complex process. You would need to refer to the base implementations. Look at XF\Payment\AbstractProvider and the specific implementations along with the xf_payment_provider table.