Add ons

Rob H

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I have
Admin Extras 1.0.1
Enforce Post Rules 1.0.4
XF Services/ Management Nav 1.0.4
[]XenMedio(media) 1.5.0
[bd] RotatingAds 1.6.2
[bd]Tagme 1.5.6
[bd] Widget Framework 1.5.3

How do I activate them can't click on them to access instructions?
also how do I add more blocks to home page I only have 8

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
When you say "you have" those add-ons, what exactly do you mean?

Have you successfully installed them and do they appear in your "List Add-Ons" list in the Admin CP? Or do you not know how to install them?

Add-ons are activated automatically once they are uploaded, then installed using the provided XML. You can tell if they're installed because they will be listed in your Add-Ons list in the Admin CP. Also there should be a check box next to each one that is activated.

Here's an example of my add-on list:


You can see which ones are activated or not due to the check boxes next to each.

If you're looking for options to configure these add-ons then it varies from add-on to add-on but mostly the options will be available in the Options menu in the Admin CP.

Sometimes, WidgetFramework, for example, has options available in the Appearance menu of the Admin CP.

Also, what do you mean by having "8 blocks" on the home page? What kind of blocks do you mean, and what would you like to add?

Rob H

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As far as add ons go all of the above has been done I found the widget one in appearance just before I got your replay as for blocks its Recent news, status updates,recent threads, board totals, online users, share page, facebook, and twitter. I thought there was twelve and if not how do I build or get more, I'm not computer literate.
Can't figure this out