XF 2.0 Add-ons


Formerly Zuse
I have uploaded a lot of add-on on to my ftp that I no longer use. There are so many at the moment, is there a way to delete them off your ftp without deleting the ones you are using/enabled? Some of them I don't know what is what they all have silly names


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You will need to identify the files associated with each add-on and delete them.

Contact the authors of the add-ons for assistance and/or download the add-ons again to check the file structure.

Chris D

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If you're referring to XF2, then old XF1 add-ons under the library directory are no longer used (in fact, nothing in the library directory is used if you've upgraded to XF2).

For XF2 add-ons, the add-on files are all stored under the src/addons directory, and the folder names match the add-on IDs of the add-ons, so that should make it easier to identify them.